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Community Events

"Community Events" brings you the latest news about upcoming community events including professional development opportunities and upcoming conferences and events brought to you by local coaches and peers.  Please see our Submission Guidelines below.  

Community Events Submissions

Kids Coaching Connection

Submitted by: Susan Howson

EQ-i2.0 & EQ360 Certification from eiADVANTAGE

Submitted by: Janice Gair

PDLG Business Coaching Advantage – Coach Training & Supervision

Submitted by: Maggie Coulter, PeopleDynamics Learning Group Inc.

Inspiring Conversations for Leaders and Coaches: Applying Neuroscience

Submitted by: Jane Graydon


Submitted by: Cinnie Noble & Sharad Kerur

Be in Demand! Get EQ-i and EQ 360 Certified!

Submitted by: David Cory

Group Mentor Coaching (All levels) with Cathy Shaughnessy, MCC and ICF Assessor

Submitted by: Cathy Shaughnessy

Mentor Coaching for ACC and PCC Credentials

Submitted by: Jo Bennett, ACPC, PCC, ACE

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Kids Coaching Connection

“Taking Relationships with Children, Youth and Families to a Whole New Level”

ICF Fully Approved Level 1 Program

In today's turbulent times, children, youth, and families worldwide are in need of our support more than ever. They are grappling with confusion, worry, and fear, seeking guidance to navigate through these challenges.

You understand the transformative influence of coaching and you embody it yourself. Your inner calling may now be leading you towards coaching children, youth, and families. Alternatively, a teenager or young adult in your life might be considering a career in coaching.

If this resonates with you, the Kids Coaching Connection program is tailor-made for both you and them.

Kids Coaching Connection Divine Elementals

This course marks the beginning of the five-part Kids Coaching Connection program. Participants embark on a journey of transformation, experiencing profound shifts that cultivate essential pillars of trust, communication, and meaningful connections with children, youth, and families.

Kids Coaching Connection Training - Divine Elementals

March 24 - 26, 2024

Location: Live, Online

Investment: $995.00 + HST

Past Participants Say it all:

“The Kids Coaching Connection program is the right tool for any coach, trainer, teacher, parent, Leader to take as it takes you from ordinary to extraordinary while giving you a safe place to land” (BVR)

“The Kids Coaching Connection program is very profound and insightful. It is the foundation for understanding one’s self in order to provide the best coaching service to children, youth and families.” (A. R.)

For full course description and to register go to:


or contact: Susan Howson



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EQ-i2.0 & EQ360 Certification from eiADVANTAGE

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of leadership, emotional intelligence stands out as a transformative force that can elevate individuals and organizations to new heights. The benefits of strengthening emotional intelligence for leaders are far-reaching, encompassing improved decision-making, stronger relationships, effective conflict resolution, enhanced communication, increased resilience, and optimized team dynamics. Read about the Transformative Power of EI here.

As a coach certified to deliver EQ-i2.0 & EQ360 assessments, you can better guide your clients to achieve their goals and lead others effectively. Next offerings: May 27-30, 11-3 EST and June 25-28. Cost: $1650 More info here!

Contact Janice at: info@eiadvantage.ca / www.eiadvantage.ca

Janice Gair

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PDLG Business Coaching Advantage – Coach Training & Supervision

We are committed to creating inclusive spaces and advocating for equity in the world.


Coursework and virtual practicum make for a compact 4 to 6 month program of intense learning, and you complete the training hours and coach assessment required to apply for your ICF ACC credential (with appropriate number of coaching hours). Next intake for Core Skills: September 2024.

ICF Level 1 accredited program.


For experienced coaches who want to deepen their skill set and work towards coaching at the PCC level. A rigorous and intensive program, participants will complete the training hours and coach assessment required to apply for your ICF PCC credential (with appropriate number of coaching hours accrued). September 2024 start.

ICF Level 2 accredited program.


While high quality training is essential for transformational business and leadership coaching, coaching supervision is just as essential to support the coach in their ongoing practice. With BCA Coaching Supervision, coaches have an opportunity to work through any challenges, concerns, and goals within their coaching practice in a development and being-focused relational space. Fall 2024 dates TBA soon.

CCEU’s available.

Learn more at: www.peopledynamicslearning.com

Contact us to learn more: call Maggie at 416-988-5115 or email info@peopledynamicslearning.com

Maggie Coulter

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Inspiring Conversations for Leaders and Coaches: Applying Neuroscience

Friday June 7 2024 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Earn 6.0 CCEU $299

Join us downtown Toronto for an engaging live workshop where leaders and coaches learn together.

Engage face to face with leaders and coaches to gain valuable insights to take your professional journey to the next level.

Dive into the practical application of neuroscience for leaders and coaches.

Learning Objectives:

To understand how our brains and sensory systems contribute to inspiring conversations.

At the end of this workshop, you will be better equipped to inspire others:

● through connected communication

● to explore their ideal selves

● to move forward with aligned actions

If you are a professional accredited coach, you will apply new learnings and demonstrate your coaching.

Consider inviting an existing or prospective client leader so you can deepen your relationship by learning together.

Your Facilitators

Jane Graydon MBA MCC

Jane is an executive Master Certified Coach and former HR and Operations Executive. She taught leadership at the Masters Level and is an experienced facilitator. She was on the ICF Toronto Board for 7 years and is currently Head Coach. www.linkedin.com/in/janegraydon

Kelly Tremblay PhD ACC

Kelly is a neuroscientist, a clinically trained audiologist, and an executive coach. She holds multiple academic appointments and teaches in the Master of Arts in Executive and Organizational Coaching program at Royal Roads University. Kelly is Associate Director of Corporate Outreach for ICF Toronto Chapter. www.linkedin.com/in/dr-kelly-tremblay

  • Broaden your network...Get to know coaches and leaders
  • Experience or Practice Professional Coaching
  • Have Fun!

Register: www.resultscoaching.ca/courses or email JaneTheresaGraydon@gmail.com

Jane Graydon

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by CINERGY® Coaching

Conflict management coaching is a specialized niche in the fields of coaching. Coaches who practice this specialty support clients to effectively prevent unnecessary conflict, to manage specific disputes and to strengthen their conflict management skills.

The outcomes of this workshop that focuses on this specialty are that participants will gain:

1. the theory, principles and methods specific to the CINERGY® model of conflict management coaching;

2. an introduction to and basic working knowledge of conflict management coaching using the CINERGY® model;

3. an understanding of the types of skills required to provide this form of coaching;

4. experience of the coaching model as a coach, ‘client’ and observer;

5. knowledge of the applications of this technique; and

6. suggested documents and information about the logistics of conflict management coaching.

ICF members receive a discount of $300.00 and earn up to 34 educational credits. Below are the upcoming dates and information about our upcoming virtual workshops.

Dates: August 12-29, 2024

Download: Flyer, Registration Form and Session Schedule

This workshop will be facilitated by Sharad Kerur, CINERGY Accredited Trainer

For information please contact Resolution Pathways

Dates: September 9-26, 2024

Download: Flyer, Registration Form and Session Schedule

This workshop will be facilitated by Cinnie Noble

For information please contact CINERGY

Dates: October 21-November 7, 2024

Download: Flyer, Registration Form and Session Schedule

This workshop will be facilitated by Sharad Kerur, CINERGY Accredited Trainer

For information please contact Resolution Pathways

More information on CINERGY Coaching may be found at https://cinergycoaching.com/training/coaching-practitioner/

Cinnie Noble & Sharad Kerur

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Be in Demand! Get EQ-i and EQ 360 Certified!

Get certified to use the measures of EQ used by Amazon and Microsoft as the basis for their leadership training and coaching - and get certified by the company that Amazon and Microsoft get their coaches certified by - The Emotional Intelligence Training Company Inc. (EITC)

EITC was one of the first companies to partner with MHS to offer the EQ-i Certification Course and for the last 23 years we have been the leading provider of the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 Certification Course globally.

Get certified in the 4 half-day live online course and then take your learning deeper with the 2 half-day live online course, Developing EQ where you will learn how to help clients develop their EQ through coaching and training and get a complete turn-key workshop for use in your organization, including participant workbook, interactive exercises and learning activities, video clips, and power-point slides. Learn more.

David Cory

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Group Mentor Coaching (All levels) with Cathy Shaughnessy, MCC and ICF Assessor

As a trained Mentor Coach, and ICF Assessor, I have provided hundreds of hours of feedback for credential candidates at all levels. Come join a group! ACC and PCC candidates: https://perspectiveinaction.com/mentor-coaching-program MCC candidates: https://perspectiveinaction.com/mccprep

Cathy Shaughnessy

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Mentor Coaching with Jo Bennett, ACPC, PCC, ACE

Engage with confidence in a personalized 1:1 space where you can flourish as a coach!

For five years I have mentored clients in the early stages of their coaching journey: individuals in ICF accredited education programs, those applying for an ACC or PCC credential, as well as ICF members renewing their ACC credential. I am specifically trained in mentor coaching, and I am registered as a mentor coach with the ICF.

I take a coach approach with mentor clients to deepen their self reflection skills, collaborating to explore growth edges while celebrating current gifts. There is ample time to steep in the ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies for rich alignment. We co-generate thoughtful feedback on two or more recorded calls. My coach clients build on insights discovered during and between our sessions, as they witness their growth in their own client’s results.

More information is available on my website: https://solomojo.ca/icf-mentor-coach/

It is a joy and privilege to work with newer coaches. Their dedication to learning inspires me to grow and thrive as a professional.

I look forward to working with you!

Jo Bennett

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  • All listings are linked to our monthly e-bulletin that is published on the 15th of each month and emailed to all members (or next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend).
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