Coach Connect Testimonials

Check out the testimonials from some of our Lead and Volunteer Coaches that have participated in the Coach Connect program:

“The Coach Connect program was a great opportunity to promote the coaching process to people who had never heard of it and also for coaches to gain valuable experience to develop skills and confidence. Coach Connect is a generous program that provides NGO's with the coaching support they need to elevate their impact.”

“The Coach Connect program provides me with an opportunity to give back to my community and for me to broaden my experience as a coach to a different type of client.”

“Coach Connect is an amazing program if you want to step out of your comfort zone as a coach and also give back to the community. The program leaders are another great reason to be a part of this program. They are just awesome and supportive.”

“Coach connect provides an opportunity for a coach to connect with someone other than their ideal client, enables us to promote the whole idea of coaching and the value it brings to an individual and an organization. There is also personal satisfaction in contributing your own personal resources to another individual who has the courage to be coached and desires success in the future for themselves.”

“Coach Connect was a great learning opportunity that allowed me to support a different kind of client.”

“The Coach Connect program with the ICF Toronto Chapter has been so rewarding. The client is provided with an opportunity to experience coaching - with awareness and transformation of what is next for them - and the Coach is provided with such deep appreciation for the profession, from the support of other coaches to validation from their client. 

Testimonials from Coachees

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“The coaches at Coach Connect were amazing to work with. They were professional, and really helped to zero in on my challenges and get me focus on moving forward with confidence. “

“In a high intensity job it has been a great opportunity to be able to speak professionally to someone outside of my work environment.”

“Coach Connect opened my eyes to my patterns that have helped me enhance my

relationship with my Manager, co-workers and family members.”

“This experience has pushed me into another stage of my professional career. I knew there were areas of improvement for me in my management style and personal life. Coach Connect has helped me define those and develop realistic tools to address them.”

“Coach Connect was a wonderful way for me to work with a coach and build a foundation that we can use moving forward. My coach was knowledgeable and eager to advise. I benefited both personally and on a business level.”

“Speaking with my coach gave me support I needed during an extremely stressful time at work. He was patient, encouraging, and offered good insight that I never considered previously!”

“My coach listened beyond my words towards helping me find my own solutions. Such a helpful gift to me as I endeavoured to do my best in a new job and new situation. Thank you!”

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