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ICF Toronto is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive association where all coaches, partners and clientele are treated with respect and equality. We will embody a community of belonging through our policies, programs, and procedures.

Our journey includes undertaking foundational work that focuses on the following:

  • Ongoing individual and collective education
  • Identifying and addressing systemic barriers
  • Gathering and understanding the identities and needs of the chapter
  • Board accountability through transparency, collaboration, and thoughtfulness.

Our ICF Toronto EDI Principles—our commitment to how we will work together—Collaborate vs. Competition:

  • Power sharing vs. power hoarding
  • Community vs. individualism
  • Direct and constructive feedback vs. fear of open conflict
  • Priorities and timelines for sustainability and equity vs. supremacy
  • Transformational relationships vs. transactional
  • Sustainability, equity and equality in everything we do

14845-6 Yonge Street Suite 185  Aurora, ON, L4G 6H8
T: 416.960.4791 x3   F: 416.929.5256  info@icftoronto.com