"When we share the power of coaching with our world, we will impact communities and lives.

Together, we will ignite social progress."

Did you know in August, ICF Toronto Community Outreach portfolio, launched our first Ignite Initiative, a program introduced at a global level by the ICF Foundation as a long-term strategy to advance social progress through coaching, that will ignite and fuel global change specifically in the area of education and lifelong learning.

Our chapter took a bold step this year to launch our first Ignite initiative as it builds on the groundwork established through our Coach Connect program and incorporates additional rigor and measurement to offer best in class coaching experience to members of participating organizations.

A special thank you to a driven and dedicated ICF Toronto Chapter member, Hala Beisha, who stepped up to bring forth the first Ignite partner and lead the first Ignite program. Members of the leadership teams of both Business in the Streets and Newcomer Kitchen have been matched with credentialed coaches for ten hours of pro-bono coaching. We want to also thank the six coaches who are bringing their passion and expertise to the initiative. 

ICF Toronto is proud to have introduced our first Ignite Initiative at the ICF’s annual Global Leadership Forum (GLF), taking place from April to June 2020. GLF is an annual forum where board members join leaders from over 140 chapters to learn and share strategies and initiatives, best practices, challenges and successes, to create thriving chapters around the world. Attached is a short video with testimonials from project leaders, coaches and participants from a selection of Ignite initiatives from various countries.


The following speakers in the video were some of the participants in our ICF Toronto Chapter Ignite program:

Hala Beisha - Project Manager, Dave Graham - Lead Coach, Kyle Monczak - Executive Director from Business in the Streets

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