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The CORE of our Core Competencies

  • 21 Mar 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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The CORE of our Core Competencies

The three principles that will multiply, expand, grow and deepen our Coaching Core Competencies (and all the markers) to MasterFull levels—instantly and easily.

with Ben Dooley, MCC

I discovered the CORE from over 17 years of mentoring, guiding, training and growing coaches of all levels. (ACC to MCC). We have 8 Core Competencies that establish and define our coaching, but it can be tricky to powerfully evaluate and supervise as we prepare for our credentialing or to grow our coaching. Why? Because there are actually more like over 50 markers within those competencies that we need to be tracking. And the more we focus on what we need to accomplish and fulfil, the harder it is to truly show up powerfully in our coaching. Not only that, but it’s unnecessarily making our coaching journey so much more difficult and complex.

Wouldn't it be easier if we had a simple model and design that gave us actually only 3 things to maintain and hold in our coaching, and those three CORE COMPONENTS go underneath and support the Core Competencies and your coach training to instantly and easily expand, deepen, solidify and engage our coaching in powerful ways.

I'll give you a hint: they aren’t any of the Core Competencies, but rather they appear in ALL of them.

And with this powerful CORE in your coaching, your coaching will never be the same!

Learning Objectives:

  • Coaches will discover a deeper level of the Core Competencies and Markers
  • Coaches will be able to access their coaching power, range and presence
  • Coaches will be able to listen deeper and fuller, create a richer awareness, establish trust more easily, and get their clients moving into action more easily
  • Coaches will watch their coaching expand, enhance, deepen and grow faster
  • They will also be able to recover their coaching when they get stuck, lost or fall out of coaching
  • They'll also have a solid and clear design that defines coaching so they can easily identify if they are coaching powerfully or not (and how to get into powerful coaching)
  • In other words, this simple, yet extremely powerful structure/design will open up new levels and allow the coach to show up more confidently and truly BE the coach they are here to BE

About Ben Dooley:

For over 18 years, MCC coach Ben has been committed to unlocking the secrets of deep MasterFull Coaching and helping all coaches discover and reveal the powerful, confident and successful coach that they are here to BE. That YOU are here to BE. Your coaching will never be the same!

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