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Message from ICF Toronto Chapter President, Barb Rosen Schreiber


February 2021

February is Black History month, an opportunity to explore and celebrate the heritage, traditions and culture of African-Canadians. I wanted to pass on this link (one of many you can access) as it focuses on past and present contributions that African Canadians make to the life of Toronto in such areas as education, medicine, art, culture, public service, economic development, politics and human rights. Listen to the stories expressed creatively through music, dance, film and journeys of the effects of racism on physical and mental health, through the Awakenings Program.

This is my final President’s message for the 2020-2021 term in which I have been delighted to serve you, our ICF Community. To my fellow board members, I have nothing but admiration and gratitude for the commitment, passion and tenacity you showed throughout the year that took us through challenges, and in so many ways turned these into opportunities that allowed us to reframe and reshape how we operate as a chapter, while staying true to our values and purpose. For their amazing contribution, I would like to recognize:

Alicia Saint
Amrita Garg
Bachir Chehab
Bonnie Grogan
Carmelo Millimaci
Jalyn Anderson
Jane Graydon
Marina Yerokhova
Meena Kaila-Gambhir
Rose-marie Fernandez
Shahab Anari
Vasilina Demidovich

In addition, I want to extend a special thank you to our departing board members, Amrita, Bonnie, Carmelo, Marina, Meena and Vasilina. You have made a difference to the ICF Toronto Chapter during your years on the Board. I look forward to your continued engagement within our community.

In our February Board Strategy meeting we will be bringing together our existing and future Board members to set the framework and priorities for a three-year plan. At our Annual General Meeting on January 27th 2021, the motion for accepting the slate for our new Board members was passed. As active members in our Chapter, we are looking forward to the fresh perspectives and contribution that Hossam Bakir, Robin Mahadeva, Itopa Malik Sulé, Jenny Barkan and Gabriela Cameto will be bringing to the Board.

One of our learnings over the past year, is that while we maintain our focus on shaping marketplace awareness of professional coaching and ICF credentialed coaches, we need to be flexible and prepared to shift priorities if necessary. To do this, we must not only pay attention to what’s going on in the environment around us, but also look inwards to listen and learn about what you value and what you need from each other and from the Chapter as a whole. Your voice and opinions matter, and we are looking forward to creating more opportunities for open two-way communication that informs the decisions and actions we take. Staying connected and engaged are key ingredients to a thriving chapter. Let’s continue to build together.

January 2021

The challenges of 2020 pushed us to switch gears in many different ways, bringing new awareness, capability and confidence in our ability and capacity for change (although we all did need some down time during the holidays). To those of you who have been active participants in our virtual programs and events, thank you for being so engaged in keeping our community vibrant. I also look forward to seeing many new faces in our upcoming programs scheduled for the first quarter of the year.

You might have noticed that ICF has launched new branding over the last several days. We hope you are as excited about the new look and feel as we are. A special thanks to the many individuals who worked hard and dedicated countless hours and fresh creativity to this initiative. ICF Toronto platforms will be updated to reflect the new brand over the next few months. Stay tuned as we update our logo and brand at the local level.

Your Vote Counts! Just another reminder to join us on January 27th for the ICF Toronto Chapter's Annual General Meeting (AGM) to hear about our Chapter strategies and upcoming initiatives for 2021, and to vote for our 2021/2023 Board Slate of Directors. You don’t have to wait until January 27th to vote. Click here and vote now. By voting via this online poll, you are authorizing the ICF Toronto Board Secretary (proxy holder) to vote your interests at the AGM and be counted toward the AGM quorum.

I’m excited to let you know that the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee had its first meeting on January 14th to begin the creation of an ICF Toronto EDI strategy. A special thank you to Project Co-Leads - Leslie Shank and Wendy Thompson, Project Liaison - Shahab Anari, Project Sponsor - Jane Graydon, and Project Team - Ann Fogolin, Brenda Van Rossum, Daisy Wright, Gisela Smith, Komal Smriti, Lisa MacVicar, Sarah Thompson, Jill Kirson, Julia Bubrin, and Eileen Bonetti.

We have plans for 2021 that focus on deepening our sense of community, enhancing marketplace awareness of professional coaching, bringing you robust programming for your own professional development, and expanding opportunities for you to volunteer and get involved. If you have questions or are interested in learning more, use the link below in Bonnie’s update to contact any of us. We are here for YOU.

December 2020

2020’s unprecedented world events called us all to action. As a chapter, we have leaned into our community for support, strength and personal growth, and have pivoted. Let’s celebrate your tenacity, courage and willingness to be vulnerable, which have helped us collectively move forward and reshape how and who we are together. Looking back at 2020, there are so many things to celebrate:

  • Offering a virtual program of monthly meetings and adding more professional development webinars accessible to everyone, regardless of location. We hosted 19 events (not counting the conference) that provided a total of 27 CCEUs.
  • Transforming a one-day in-person conference scheduled for March 2020 into a 10 day virtual experience with:

o   200 registrants

o   17 speakers (including panelists)

o   6 corporate sponsors

o   10 VISION Cafés for in-depth interaction and conversation

o   3 happy hour sessions for deeper connection and fun

o   27.5 CCEUs for the full conference

o   exceptional participant ratings, averaging 4.5/5

  • Introducing a “Member Chat“ program to welcome new and existing members into our community to share information, opinions and experiences that create stronger connections.
  • An updated membership webpage clarifying the different ways to engage with our community.
  • Initiating diversity dialogues, creating a safe space to have courageous conversations to support greater inclusion and equity within our chapter.
  • Launching an Equity, Diversity & Inclusion committee, responsible for creating an ICF Toronto EDI strategy.
  • Introducing two new chapter awards, Lifetime Achievement and Outstanding Individual Contributor, that expand our Awards program and honour individual impact and lifetime excellence in coaching.
  • Receiving ICF Global's 2019 Chapter Recognition Award based on this criteria.
  • Growing to 882 members as of November 20, 2020.
  • Over 300 ICF members who are credential holders.

Because of you and your commitment to our vibrant community of coaches, we continue our journey as a thriving community that shapes marketplace awareness and the advancement of the coaching profession. I want to extend my deep appreciation to our Board of Directors – Alicia Saint, Amrita Garg, Bachir Chehab, Bonnie Grogan, Carmelo Millimaci, Jalyn Anderson, Jane Graydon, Marina Yerokhova, Meena Kaila-Gambhir, Rose-marie Fernandez, Shahab Anari, and Vasilina Demidovich for their outstanding contribution and leadership during a year that drew on their time and energy well beyond what was anticipated, and also to Kim Leitch, Arlene Larkin and Lorie Winter from Virtual-Option for their continued support.

Please register for our Annual General Meeting taking place on January 27th from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m. just before our speaker Jenn Lofgren.

All ICF Toronto members watch for an email coming out later this week to vote for the Board slate nominated to serve you and to sustain the growth of our chapter. A special thanks to our nominating committee - Glennie Mercer, Ann Hurtubise and Chair, Nance MacLeod, who volunteered their time to review all submissions, interview and recommend Board candidates for 2021, demonstrating their commitment to sustaining the continuity of our Board.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge all of you who are making the difficult choice to stay distant from family and friends this holiday season for community safety. To those of you who have lost loved ones and not had the comfort of real hugs during your time of grief or have not been able to visit or personally care for those who have been ill, I hope you never have to experience this extreme separation again.

Throughout this season, and as we move into a new (and hopefully better) year, we wish you moments of peace amid the difficulties, connections with family and friends even if they can’t be in person, the warmth of memories from holidays past, and wonderful glimpses of the joy that still lives under the surface.

Thank you for being a part of our ICF Toronto Chapter Community.

November 2020

November marked the culmination of our VISION 2020 Virtual Experience, a transformational event for our ICF Toronto Chapter. Our Chapter conference planning committee took an “out of the box” approach to create a virtual experience that brought participants together to connect for a few hours over 10 days, that extended over a three week period. Each week represented a specific theme selected so that overall, the conference provided something for everyone - starting at a macro level; coaching for change in organizations; then focusing on what this means for building a thriving coaching business, and finishing with taking care of ourselves as individuals who serve others by developing our own strategies for building resilience, so that we can thrive as humans first, and then as leaders and coaches.

A special thank you to the incredible contributions of the Conference Planning Committee Volunteers who worked on the VISION 2020 Virtual Conference.

Which of these key themes mentioned by speakers have you used over the past nine months as you pivoted to a different way of working in your place of employment or in your own business?

  • Use challenging opportunities and the current complex environment to stretch beyond your comfort zone and build your “resilience muscles”
  • Learn faster and better by putting into practice a continuous cycle of reflection and action
  • Tap into new resources, make connections with people who bring different perspectives and force you to shake up your existing paradigms
  • Get grounded and focused on your strengths, values and purpose

Consider the following questions to reflect on changes you have made over the past nine months:

  • What creativity has been unleashed in you as a result of COVID 19?
  • What have you had to let go of in order to move forward?
  • What edgy conversations are you having with yourself/clients to effect positive change?

As we start to prepare for the upcoming year, why not connect with our large community of coaches? Look up some of your colleagues in our “Find a Coach” directory, and reach out and start making new connections. Consider using some of the questions below to engage in a learning dialogue:

  • What unique offer do you have to address your client’s pain point(s)?
  • Are you attracting or engaging with people with whom you love to work?
  • Do you know what REALLY matters for your potential or existing clients?
  • Are you attracting the people who really want to work with you?
  • How are you leveraging social media to grow your business? Is it aligned to the outcome you want to achieve? How do people get to know the “YOU” behind your brand?
  • How effective is your virtual presence?
  • What does your coaching or your coaching program and services solve? Are the people who would benefit able to find you easily?

Let us know through our social media channels at the bottom of the newsletter how your conversations turn out. We are looking for ways to continue to deepen the connections among our ICF Toronto Chapter community.

October 2020

Fall is upon us and change is everywhere. Some of the change is within our control, and some not but either way, we need to address it, manage it, lead it, and coach clients through it. Coaching for Change is the first of three themes we will be exploring in our upcoming Vision 2020 Virtual Experience, an event not to be missed. A reminder of theme 2: Building a Thriving Coaching Business and 3: Understanding and Building Resilience and Human Thriving was sent out last week. If you have already signed up for the conference, think about people you know who love to engage in debate, to share their business or personal experiences and hear what inroads and different approaches others are taking. Send them the conference link so they can stimulate discussions in our nine Vision Cafés taking place throughout the three weeks of the conference.

I want to acknowledge the conference committee who have been working tirelessly over the past 6 months to bring you this epic experience. I send a standing ovation on behalf of the chapter to:

Marina Yerokhova (Conference Chair), Alicia Saint, Bachir Chehab, Carmelo Millimaci, 
Jalyn Anderson, Robin Mahadeva, Rose-marie Fernandez, Vasilina Demidovich, and Eugene Nikutin

for their role in planning, creating and giving attention to detail to make VISION 2020 an incredible virtual experience. Special thanks also to our Virtual Options team, Kim Leitch and Arlene Larkin for all of the support they are providing with registration and other behind the scenes work and to the volunteers:

Rajan Matthew, Naila Qazi, and Tony Porfilio on sponsorship and Itopa Sulé on conference technical support.

Updated PCC Markers Coming Soon

Last year, ICF Global released the updated ICF Core Competencies. In order to implement these new changes, a diverse team of experienced Assessors and PCC Marker Assessor Trainers participated in a 7-month process of updating the PCC Markers. The PCC Markers will be released to ICF Members on October 21, 2020.

Coaching World

This month, one of our members, Jenny Barkan was notified that an article she submitted to Coaching World about her experience during International Coaching Week (ICW) 2020 had been published. https://coachfederation.org/blog/the-story-behind-the-numbers. Coaching World is an online resource for the global coaching community that is published by ICF Global on a quarterly basis. You can read more about it here.

Congratulations Jenny!

Enjoy the rest of October. Looking forward to seeing you at our VISION 2020 Virtual Experience.

September 2020

VISION 2020 Virtual Experience

There is something very special about bringing together a group of leaders with talent, unique perspectives, and a drive to create something amazing and watch them brainstorm, gel, share, dispute, mold and design a world-class experience because they have a common goal to deliver a landmark event for our ICF Toronto Community. In this newsletter you will see the results of over five months of planning that the Conference Team, chaired by Marina Yerokhova transformed into a new Vision 2020 Virtual Experience.

The structure is built and the doors are open today for you to register for an experience that will create a resounding buzz throughout our community – before, during and after this 10-day event. You will be invited to connect, engage, interact and network with coaches, leaders, speakers, sponsors and other professionals to learn, debate, share ideas and apply these ideas to your business, for your clients and for yourselves.

One example of opportunities that will deepen your learning are Vision Cafés, facilitated discussions that take place after speaker events in breakout spaces that give you a chance to explore what additional value you can create for yourselves and others.

Check out more details about the Vision 2020 experience, package options and special incentives to register before September 30th. I look forward to seeing you at Vision 2020.

Fall Programs

You won’t want to miss the two speakers scheduled for September and the opportunity to participate in our Chapter Membership Chat, led by Bonnie Grogan, Director of Member Engagement. Read more in the upcoming events section of our website at www.icftoronto.com/events.

2020 ICF Global Coaching Study

The ICF Global study conducted in the middle of this year in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) is now available. The study assessed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the coaching community and incorporates 22,457 valid survey responses from coaches and managers and leaders who are using coaching skills in 161 countries and territories. Click here for more information in addition to downloading the free Executive Summary.

August 2020

It’s hard to believe we are now half-way through August, and September is just around the corner. We have had a full summer of webinars and interactive events thanks to your engagement and participation. In July we began to introduce ways for us as a community and as coaches to reflect and act on our awareness of issues related to racism and anti-racism, inclusivity and diversity from a broad perspective and also, more specifically, related to BIPOC.

We started mid-July with Kanchan Prinsloo, former board member, leading a discussion about coaching culturally diverse leaders. In her introduction, Kanchan shared acronyms and terminology (an awareness check) as well as demographic data (51.5% of people in Toronto are visible minorities) that reinforced the importance of our commitment to diversity, inclusion and anti-racism within our chapter. The conversation deepened as Jane Graydon our past president and Amrita Garg, current board member lead our first Diversity Dialogue. Make sure to register for the next one coming up on August 27th. We are creating a D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) strategy and would love some of the associated initiatives to emerge from these dialogues.

Another focus over the summer has been creating opportunities to hear your views and opinions through member chats. Our first chat lead by Bonnie Grogan, Director of Member Engagement and her volunteer committee, Laura Commisso and Manie Walker created a space for members to ask questions, share their chapter experience and express what provides added value to them as chapter members.

Our July programming ended with Shahab Anari, Director of member meetings hosting a webinar with Jean Francois Cousin, Past Chair of ICF Global who shared lessons learned and strategies for international expansion of his coaching practice. There was something for everyone this month, members and guests. Make sure to check out our August programming.

And we have more coming….our best kept secret for the summer was uncovered on August 5th. Behind the scenes our conference planning committee lead by Marina Yerokhova has been working tirelessly to create an amazing 2020 Virtual Experience that brings a new lens to looking at what a conference experience can be. I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to everyone working with Marina on the core committee: Alicia Saint, Bachir Chehab, Carmelo Millimaci, Eugene Nikutin, Jalyn Anderson, Rose-marie Fernandez, Vasilina Demidovich, and Robin Mahadeva and additional volunteers Raj Mathew, Tony Porfilio, and Naila Qazi.

This team has transformed a one day conference into a nine day virtual experience featuring inspiring keynote presenters, Q&A sessions, interactive learning workshops and live coaching demos. You get to choose the tracks that best fit your needs based on the three conference themes:

  • Coaching for change in organizations
  • Building a coaching business
  • Understanding and building resilience and human thriving

There is something for everyone within our community and for those who work with and support the business of coaching (sponsors, organizations who partner with coaches, coaching schools and more). Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion will be interwoven throughout the virtual experience to raise awareness, foster discussion and provide support to community solutions.

We are setting the stage for a spectacular opportunity. The main ingredient that will create the biggest impact is YOU! Bring your curiosity, your insights, your desire to push the envelop to shape marketplace awareness and advancement of the coaching profession. Spread the news about this opportunity to people who will bring a diverse perspective to the future potential of coaching. Consider who should be a part of this experience and share the August 5, 2020 announcement.

The impact of VISION 2020 will continue well after November and you can be the architects who build the future of coaching.

July 2020

As our summer programming comes into full bloom, I am excited to see so many opportunities that allow our ICF Toronto community to participate in webinars that offer insights and tips as a result of listening to speakers who have deep expertise. These sessions also invite us to engage in discussions and share opinions, ideas and experiences with each other in groups that are facilitated by one or more Board members. I believe it is through forums that encourage dialogue that bring out the richness of diversity of thought and perspectives that build our character as a community.

With your active engagement, we increase our potential as a Chapter to shape marketplace awareness and advancement of the coaching profession. Imagine the ripple effect if each of us applies something we have learned from a colleague during one of our Chapter discussions and uses this in a way that has a positive impact with clients or within our community. Consider the impact we have as coaches in bringing out the best in our clients. Picture the ripple effect of adding up each of the clients we have worked with so far this year, and the people they, in turn, have impacted. If each connection is seen as a spark of light, then as a community we are creating an incredible constellation.

This is who we are as a vibrant community. Looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming July Events.

June 2020

As President of the ICF Chapter I want to emphasize the importance of engaging with you to learn more about your perspectives and interests and what we can do as a chapter to better meet the diverse needs of our community. Here are some of the actions our board is taking:

  • introducing more diverse speakers
  • creating opportunities to hear your views and opinions like membership chats (coming this month) and town halls
  • continue to draw from a diverse feeder pool for board succession
  • asking you for recommendations of organizations for the Coach Connect pro-bono coaching initiative that services the BIPOC community. Some of our past partners include Tropicana Employment Centre and Youth Job Connection Program, Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter, Elizabeth Fry Toronto, and Toronto Foundation.

We need an involved, engaged chapter now more than ever to make a difference as leaders and coaches with our existing and future corporate and individual clients. You will soon be receiving a reminder email from ICF Toronto inviting you to take part in our programs, events and services by paying your $100 annual Activity Fee. Let’s stand together as one ICF!

May 2020

Being a coach during a pandemic continues to be challenging to navigate. Our clients need us more than ever, but some coaching engagements have been forced to end as many businesses struggle to survive. Maintaining total confidentiality/privacy with our coaching can be challenging for us and our clients with kids and partners in the same residence.

Through all of this, I continue to be inspired by the resilience and supportive community of ICF Toronto coaches. I’ve found ICF’s COVID-19 resources for coaches really helpful and I hope you are leveraging these to keep strong for yourself, family, friends, and your clients.

Our new ICF membership virtual programming offers the opportunity to build:

  • connection with other members
  • coaching competence and approaches while also collecting CCEUs
  • business strategies to bring value to existing clients and create relationships that can lead to future business

In April we kicked off our virtual webinars with the most well attended event in our history – over 300 people celebrated the accomplishments and contributions of our ICF Toronto award winners (click HERE to learn more about this year’s winners) and learned from a former ICF Toronto Board member, Michael Bungay Stanier. Our other webinars were also very highly rated. Focus on your personal and business development needs by registering for our May 27th session, "The Roadmap to Resilience: How to Thrive in Challenging Times", with Mark Black.

There is a great reason this month to pay your activity fee for 2020 and sign up for our month-long International Coaching Week program! You can also increase your visibility as a coach by making sure your profile is up to date in our “find a coach” directory. These are only a few high value activities and services you have access to as an ICF Toronto Chapter member.

Here are a few messages from ICF Global to be aware of:

Installment payments for your ICF Global membership are now available for coaches who have not yet renewed their ICF membership. Click HERE for more information on eligibility and payment process.

ICF Global has launched the new Digital Badges for ICF credential-holders. If you are an ACC, PCC or MCC, you will have received an email from admin@youracclaim.com letting you know you have a new badge to accept. Read more here about what you need to do to accept and post your badge.

From April to June, Board members are joining leaders from over 140 ICF chapters at ICF’s annual Global Leadership Forum (GLF), virtually of course. We are learning and sharing strategies and initiatives, best practices, challenges and successes to create thriving chapters around the world. ICF Toronto is proud to have introduced our first Ignite initiative this past year, and you may recognize some faces in this video introduced at GLF: 2020 Ignite initiative.

We are committed to continuing to learn and be agile in meeting the needs of you, our ICF Toronto community and making a difference in our world.

April 2020

There is no question that we are experiencing the impact of a global crisis – personally and professionally - that touches us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There is a quote by Rahm Emanuel that states: “Never let a good crisis go to waste."

So a few questions for you, are:

Where are you adapting?

What are you learning about yourself as a coach? as a leader?

Where are you creating opportunities to do things you never thought you would do (at least within the time frame you are now doing them)?

Here are some of the opportunities our Board has created for you as a result of COVID-19:

We have upgraded our virtual platform to offer online webinars and Zoom meetings (something we have been talking about for a while now, and COVID-19 created the sense of urgency to make this a top priority).

We have a strong lineup of programs now posted on our website for April and May, with more to come in June and July.

Our ICW planning committee is preparing an exciting virtual program that extends beyond International Coaching Week (see below).

As a result of stepping into the realm of virtual programming, we can now bring greater value to existing and new members who live well outside the GTA. More members engaging in our programs creates a stronger community with more resources, experience, best practices and thought leadership.

While there are many opportunities, there are still challenges that affect us as a result of the impact of an unstable world, where social distancing requires that we make adjustments to how we live and work. As an example, working from home may be a gift to some, and a “worst nightmare” for others. Some of us may be restricted to a smaller living space than we are used to; others may have young children competing for attention while we are on calls with clients. Some of you may share one of my circumstances of making sure parents or in-laws are safe and still feeling connected, in a world where all they have is a phone and TV - no internet or computer. There are days when focusing is a challenge. Isolation feels lonely; grey skies put a damper on our spirits.

Here are a few strategies I use for all of the above:

When I notice that it is taking me longer than usual to complete a task, I realize I am losing my focus and need a break, so I tune in to what I need and push myself to.... walk around the house for a stretch, move to another room that has different lighting or access to windows, go for a walk outside, put some music on and do a short workout, give a friend a call, etc.

When I feel overwhelmed because too many things are asking for my attention all at once, I pause and breathe. I step back to get a fresh perspective of what’s going on - then ask myself: "what is the most important thing for me to do RIGHT NOW?"

There is a plethora of articles about managing ourselves during times of crisis.I was browsing through the ICF Global site last week and came across this article, which I thought I would share with you:

Living and Leaving a Crisis Stronger, an article posted on the ICF Global site by Lena Gustafsson, PCC, April 2, 2020.

I encourage you to sign up for the wonderful speakers scheduled for April and May - now posted on our Chapter website. Looking forward to “seeing" you at these events.

March 2020

In my first monthly announcement as President, I want to convey how extremely excited I am to work with our Board and membership to achieve our vision of being a thriving community that shapes marketplace awareness of professional coaching and ICF credentialed coaches.

There is an expression about the month of March that it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, and March 2020 is certainly coming in with a roar, but I think the roar will continue for a while.

As incoming President of the ICF Toronto Chapter, I believe that health and safety is our number one priority. The unknown factors are changing daily around COVID-19 and we are taking a cautious approach to what WHO has now confirmed is pandemic. We are currently examining all of our processes and programming in light of the impact of COVID-19. As you now know, our Board of Directors and Conference and Awards Planning Committees have made the decision to postpone the VISION 2020 Conference and the ICF Toronto Annual Awards Gala event until further notice. We will continue to uphold the highest standards for ICF Toronto as the top professional coaching organization in Canada and make decisions consistent with keeping our coaching community and the greater community safe and healthy. Remembering that our coaching community has a broad reach, I want to share the following resources provided by ICF Global to help you consider new opportunities you might create for your clients and your business using virtual coaching and webinars. Resources: https://coachfederation.org/covid-19-resources-for-coaches

With all of the quick changes and decisions that have been made over the past week, I want to acknowledge the incredible work of:

The Conference Planning Committee (Kirk Fox, Marina Yerokhova, Carmelo Millimaci, Rajan Mathew, Bachir Chehab, and Zeina Keisse). They not only created an outstanding, sold out conference, but also worked under tight time constraints through our COVID-19 contingency planning.

The Judging Committee for the ICF Toronto Awards (Kanchan Prinsloo, Fabricio Avila, Ralph Cochrane and Mary-Ellen Hynd) who reviewed all applications for the PRISM Award and for our two new awards: the Outstanding Individual Contributor and Lifetime Achievement awards, and selected the winners for 2020.

The ICF Toronto Awards Gala Committee (Alicia Saint, Nadia Lavrentyeva, Alex Fullgraf and Hossam Bakir). They organized the ICF Toronto Awards and the Awards Gala evening created to celebrate excellence in coaching in our ICF Toronto community.

Our Virtual Assistant team (Kim Leitch, Arlene Larkin and Lorie Winter) for the guidance and support they give to all of us to make things happen as seamlessly as possible.

I also want to thank Jane Graydon, for her exemplary leadership over the past year, her continued role on the Board and her mentorship to me in my new role.

We will communicate more information in the coming weeks about our Member Meetings, International Coaching Week and other initiatives that we have planned for the year. Although we will be moving to a virtual platform, at least in the short term, and heed the advice of keeping physical distance from each other, we will certainly find every opportunity to remain connected as a community and we encourage you all to do the same. If you have any ideas or suggestions around how we can support our coaching community during these challenging times, please reach out to me. This is uncharted territory for all of us, and we will manage through it together.

Remember that our new ICF Toronto membership structure starts April 1st. We encourage you to renew your activity fee and keep engaged with our community. We recognize that these might be challenging times for many of you and appreciate any way you can support the ICF Toronto Charter Chapter. For more information go to Bonnie Grogan’s message in the March 15, 2020 e-newsletter and make sure to check our ICF Toronto website on a regular basis for updates.

I am very interested in hearing from ICF members and welcome your ideas any time (barb@icftoronto.com). I look forward to serving you in this new capacity!

14845-6 Yonge Street Suite 185  Aurora, ON, L4G 6H8
T: 416.960.4791 x3   F: 416.929.5256  info@icftoronto.com