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Community Events

"Community Events" brings you the latest news about upcoming community events including professional development opportunities and upcoming conferences and events brought to you by local coaches and peers.  Please see our Submission Guidelines below.  

Member Submissions

Group Mentor Coaching with Cathy Shaughnessy, MCC
Submitted by: Cathy Shaughnessy


Submitted by: Cinnie Noble

Submitted by: Rita McDowall

Happy New Year! All things Emotional Intelligence by EI Advantage

Submitted by: Janice Gair

MasterClass - Focusing on the People Side of Change
Submitted by: Naila Qazi

Business Coaching Advantage – Parts 1 & 2 starting in March

Submitted by: Dorothy Greenaway

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Group Mentor Coaching with Cathy Shaughnessy, MCC

A message from Cathy “I’ve personally provided over 375 hours of direct mentor coaching AND I still coach (over 5000 hours and counting), so I know the ropes. I’ll be showing you exactly how quickly you can ratchet your mastery of the ICF coaching competencies up a notch or two. Come join us for Mentor Groups! Earn 7 mentor coaching hours and 7 CCE's. You can also work with me to earn an additional 3 individual mentor coaching hours and 3 more CCE's.


Cathy Shaughnessy

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Conflict management coaching is a specialized niche in the field of coaching which focuses on clients who want to optimize their potential for engaging in interpersonal conflict

The outcomes of this training are that participants will gain:

  • the theory, principles and methods specific to the CINERGY® model of conflict management coaching;
  • an understanding of the types of skills and considerations that distinguish this form of coaching from others;
  • experience of the coaching model as a coach and client; and
  • suggested documents and information about the logistics of conflict management coaching.

Upcoming virtual workshop - February 23-March 17, 2021, twice (or once) per week at 9:00 am ET (2-3 hours per session) and skills practice sessions scheduled separately

This workshop has been approved for 30 hours of Continuing Coaching Education Units from the International Coach Federation – 32 on completion of a brief questionnaire done prior to the workshop

Workshop Cost: $1,900.00 CDN/person (plus 13% HST* = $2,147 CDN)


** Participants are asked to purchase Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY Model http://www.cinergycoaching.com/conflict-management-coaching-cinergy-model/

This workshop is taught by Cinnie Noble who is a certified coach (PCC) and mediator (C.Med) and former lawyer. Cinnie is a pioneer in the field of conflict management coaching and the founder of the CINERGY model, which is taught worldwide. She is author of the aforementioned book and also, Conflict Mastery: Questions to Guide You (http://www.cinergycoaching.com/conflict-mastery-questions-guide/). For further information, feel free to visit www.cinergycoaching.com or contact Cinnie at cinnie@cinergycoaching.com

Cinnie Noble

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*** Spots available for January. Contact us at welcome@leadershipwellness.ca for available discounts that may apply. ***

Check our website www.leadershipwellness.ca for Spring dates and early bird discount.

Are you and your clients stressed, overwhelmed and struggling? The Certified Resilience Coach Program (CRCP) is a 12-week blended program designed to teach you everything you need to know about how to cultivate resilience, ease, joy and vibrant well-being in yourself and your clients. Rooted in the latest evidence-based behaviour-change principles and lifestyle management best-practices, the CRCP addresses all the core competencies of resilience coaching within a single program experience. In this program you will:


Our clients rely on us to be strong, composed and focused. This program starts with you developing your own resilience, health and well-being.


You will learn resilience-coaching best practices and take on the role of a resilience coach for 8 weeks. Understanding how to create habit change in clients is key to becoming a masterful resilience coach.


The program includes a done-for-you resilience coaching system. It also allows you to earn: 36 International Coach Federation Continuing Education Credits: 20 core and 16 resource; a Certified Resilience Coach designation; and business opportunities.

***The next offering runs from January 30 to April 15, 2021 and includes three live web sessions taking place February 6, February 27 & April 10.

Program details including learning outcomes, dates and fees, and to register visit: https://leadershipwellness.mykajabi.com/CRCP.

More information contact welcome@leadershipwellness.ca

Rita McDowall

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Happy New Year! All things Emotional Intelligence by EI Advantage

EQ Refresher! Has it been awhile since you have conducted a debrief with a client? Or, perhaps you have been doing many debriefs but your clients are curious about “what next?” Join us for this EQ-i2.0 Refresher to review behaviors associated with composites and subscales, the importance of balancing, and a full debrief demonstration. Cost: $25. Learn more here.

New book! Emotional Intelligence: Your Foundation for Success. The volume outlines 45 exercises that have been proven to promote emotional skills. We hope you find this guide useful as a tool in your coaching practice to help your clients more quickly adopt strategies that can put them on the path to growth. Available on Amazon!

EQ Connections training kit available! The EQ-i® 2.0 has become the cornerstone tool for professional coaches and trainers when it comes to training and development. It’s new companion training product includes 180+ PPT slides, 6 modules and a Facilitator Kit. Authored by Hayley Hesseln, PhD and Janice Gair, co-founders of EI Advantage. Available through MHS.

Our next EQ certification dates are January26-29 or February 23-26. Register: EQ-i certification.

Learn more about us: www.eiadvantage.ca.

Janice Gair

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MasterClass - Focusing on the People Side of Change

Change is Everywhere. Thrive during Current Tumultuous time. Come to this MasterClass and learn how to lead conversations when your clients are going through unprecedented change.

Discover the essence of change and compelling “why” of the change itself. Learn why to manage organizational change is a critical component of leadership and survivability in the grand scheme of things.

Focusing on the People Side of Change

Studies show that change primarily deals with human resources. It’s never as simple as ‘out with the old, in with the new’ – technological change is the least of your concerns.

In fact, over 70% of changes fail because they don’t take human factors into account. Instead, this MasterClass teaches you how to set things in motion by prioritizing the ‘people side of change’. We distill the entire process of change management down into a step-by-step roadmap that addresses key challenges including employee participation, communication, and transparency.

Straight from the Field – Not Your Typical Textbook Course. Our MasterClass cuts straight to the point. Build change leadership competence!

Date: Jan 21
Time: 11 am EST (Canada)
REGISTRATION LINK: https://stepbystepguidetomanagingchange.eventbrite.ca
VIRTUAL: Use laptops/tablets for an excellent user experience
Speakers BIOs: Read using the Eventbrite link, please!

Organizer: Naila Qazi

Naila Qazi

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Business Coaching Advantage – Parts 1 & 2 starting in March

We are committed to creating inclusive spaces and advocating for equity in the world.


Coursework and virtual practicum make for a compact 4 to 6 month program of intense learning, and you gain a WABC™ credential. Follow on with Parts 2 and 3 and you complete our full ICF ACTP. (March 2021 start)

BCA is grounded in solid research and practical experience, including understanding how the brain works, change theory, positive psychology, conversation intelligence, and the context of leading in a complex, fast-changing world.

Learn more here, including Early Bird Pricing available now.


Part 2 is for more experienced coaches who want to up their game when coaching in the leadership context and are working towards professional designation or want ICF CCEs (20 hrs) for credential renewal. (March 2021 start)

Learn more here, including Early Bird Pricing available now.


For leaders in organizations who want to integrate a coaching approach into their way of leading. It is a virtually delivered, interactive program complete with:

  • A set of models and practical coaching tools
  • Plenty of skills practice with a focus on core conversation skills (listen, ask, say)
  • A comprehensive learning experience to enable you to rise to the challenge of practicing a coaching approach to leadership, remotely and in person

Bring this program in-house, customizing the rollout of the program’s 5 half-day modules according to what works best for your organization.

Contact us to learn more: 416-988-5115 or info@peopledynamicslearning.com

Dorothy Greenaway

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Submission Guidelines

ICF-Toronto Chapter Members (paid the $100 fee):
  • Limited to 1 free submission per month
  • Additional submissions $50/insertion
ICF-Toronto Guests:
  • Submission (up to 250 words with link to your site):  $100/insertion
Please note:
  • Submissions by ICF-Toronto Members will only be accepted for events they themselves are presenting.  All other events will be deemed to fall under the "Guest" category.
  • All listings are linked to our monthly e-bulletin that is published on the 15th of each month and emailed to all members (or next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend).
  • Maximum 250 words.
  • Submissions will be sent to mailto:kim@icftoronto.com in either plain text, HTML or Word doc format.
  • Payment must be received and processed by the deadline in order for the submission to be distributed.
  • Lead time:  All submissions must be received and paid for 8-10 business days before the publish date.
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