ICF Toronto Motion for One Membership Category: AGM January 2020


In early 2019, the ICF Toronto Board initiated a project to explore changes to ICF Toronto membership categories. We interviewed leaders from other ICF Chapters to understand the implications of various membership models. Focus groups were held this spring with ICF Toronto membership and their feedback shared with the Board. On December 7, 2019 the Board approved a motion to “have only one ICF Toronto membership category” presented to membership at the January 2020 AGM.

For more information about the motion specifically, please view the webinar we hosted for our membership on Jan. 7, 2020:

Why Change?

Coaching has expanded rapidly over the last few decades and the ICF brand is being recognized more for its role in maintaining professionalism and high standards.

For many years, ICF Toronto has experienced challenges helping our membership and other stakeholders understand our confusing membership structure.

  • Many people, when they join ICF Global and designate ICF Toronto as their "home chapter" (there is a box to check on the global website), incorrectly assume that they are automatically a member of ICF Toronto.
  • Sometimes ICF Toronto Affiliates (individuals who pay the annual $100 "membership" fee but are not ICF Global Members, mistakenly represented themselves as ICF Toronto members.

To be aligned with the ICF standards and code of ethics, it is our commitment as an ICF Charter Chapter to ensure that our members are ICF Global members. The Affiliate category or “being an affiliate member” adds confusion to the eligibility for Toronto programs and events and makes reconciling Global and Toronto membership lists an administrative burden.

ICF Global rebates our Toronto Chapter approx. $40 for each ICF Global member that selects Toronto as their “home chapter." These funds are to provide services to our members – which based on our current membership model, is also supporting the Affiliate category.

Current Membership Structure

As noted in the third row of the above chart, our current membership numbers at the end of November 2019 were 777 (combination of column one and two). Of the 777 Global members, only 283 are ICF Toronto Members. The remaining 494 ICF Global members have designated Toronto to be their “home chapter” but have not paid the $100 ICF Toronto membership fee, and as a result, have not been part of our membership engagement or communications. We want to include these ICF Global members in our local network.

We also have 129 Affiliate Toronto “memberships”, individuals who are not ICF Global members, but wish to be involved with the ICF Toronto Chapter. Some of these individuals are in professions that work with coaches or are interested in learning more about the coaching industry. We are thrilled to welcome and engage these individuals with our active professional coach community.

With the proposed future model, Toronto ICF chapter will automatically include the 494 ICF Global members to our ICF Toronto Chapter membership. This will boost our ICF Toronto Membership. One of our strategies in 2020 will be to offer programs that encourage Global Members who designate Toronto as their “home chapter” to more actively participate in our chapter. The Affiliate category will be removed and renamed to Guests. These 129 Affiliates are welcome to participate in ICF Toronto programs and events for which they are eligible, by choosing to pay the annual activity or à la carte fee. They will only become ICF Toronto members when they become members of ICF Global Chapter.

Future Membership/Guest Structure with One Membership Category

Q & A

What is the motion?

The motion at our 2020 AGM is: “Change the ICF Toronto Chapter membership structure to have only one Membership category.” There will be no “Affiliates” category. ICF Toronto members will all be ICF Global members who have selected ICF Toronto as their associated chapter. To participate and attend Toronto activities, members and guests may pay an annual bulk activity fee or pay for individual events.

If passed, when will the motion be implemented?

The implementation planning has just begun and we are hoping to make the necessary changes in time for the new membership year starting April 1, 2020, but cannot be certain of the implementation date at this time.

Will an existing ICF Toronto member or affiliate have to pay more in 2020?

No, the 2020 annual cost will remain the same but instead will be called activity fees (as opposed to membership fees) and is required to participate in most of our ICF Toronto programs and events.

In the new model, ICF Members and Guests (no more Affiliates) can continue to pay their $100 investment or à la carte fees. Guests are always welcome to apply to ICF Global for membership.

The bulk participation fee will remain at $100 for Members and Guests for 2020. Fees for other activities will be reviewed as part of the implementation.

Do you have to have a credential to be a member of ICF Global?

No, you do not need to have a credential but you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Hold a current ICF Credential (ACC, PCC, or MCC);
  • Have completed at least 60 hours of coach-specific training that meets ICF standards. (See what qualifies as coach-specific training below); or
  • Be enrolled in 60 hours of coach-specific training in a program that has either the ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) or Approved Coach-Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) distinction. (For new members only.)

For more detail on the eligibility requirements, please click HERE.

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