November 18, 2021, 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.
Busting Myths about Climate Conscious Coaching

Josie McLean, PhD, PCC

With humanity facing the ever more prevalent threat of the climate crisis, “climate coaching” is becoming more important and valuable than ever. In this conversation, as distinct from a training workshop, Josie will discuss what exactly climate coaching is and isn’t, and why it is so vital to businesses and organisations at this time in human history.

She will identify 5 common myths about climate conscious coaching and provide plenty of time for you to discuss your views and ask your questions too. Josie will close with 5 reflections on what it takes to introduce climate into your coaching in a way that is graceful, dancing with your client as you usually do.

As a co-founder of the Climate Coaching Alliance in 2019, Josie is part of an international group of coaches with a shared passion for growing sustainable (and regenerative) practices with their clients.

About Josie McLean

Josie knows a lot about transformation for sustainability - she has been researching and practicing in this sphere for 15 years.

After an early career as a financial analyst and corporate strategic planner, Josie became interested in the intersection between strategy, people and change. She commenced her coaching business in 1999 and became a force in pioneering the professional coaching industry in Australasia. While chairing a coaching conference in 2003, Josie was talking with Sir John Whitmore when she had an epiphany – given our current ways of living, humanity is an unsustainable species on Earth.

This realisation started Josie on a journey of discovering the ways in which organisations and businesses could lead the way in generating sustainability. She has studied with global experts in the fields of adaptive leadership and systems thinking to develop her techniques for cultivating change in organisations.

In 2017, Josie completed her doctoral thesis about embedding sustainability into organisational DNA, and was awarded a Dean’s Commendation for Excellence.

With Eve Truner and Alison Whybrow, Josie co-founded the Climate Coaching Alliance in late 2019.

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