November 17, 2021, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Neuroplasticity: Creating Brain Flexibility
Dr. Irena O'Brien

In times of rapid change, a flexible brain is especially important. A flexible brain allows you to see opportunities more easily, make decisions more quickly, and can protect you from cognitive decline with age. Our brains are plastic, which is good news, because it means that we can change our brains on purpose. In this session, you’ll learn the four things needed to create brain change and make it stick, why brain training exercises are a waste of time, why habits are so hard to change, how immersing yourself in hobbies increases brain flexibility, and more.

About Dr. Irena O'Brien

Dr. Irena O'Brien, PhD, is a neuroscientist, neuroscience educator, and founder of The Neuroscience School. She has been studying neuroscience and psychology for over 20 years following a successful career as a chartered accountant. She is passionate about neuroscience and sharing it with others. She reads and writes about the latest research in neuroscience and psychology in a way that offers us practical tools and strategies to better our own lives and the lives of our clients. She is a shining example of this as she uses what she learns from neuroscience to better her own life, the life of her family and the lives of her clients.

She founded The Neuroscience School in 2017. Her mission is to create self-awareness on the planet by teaching coaches and helping professionals about neuroscience and how they can apply what they learn to help their clients. She is known for her ability to simplify neuroscience research into what's essential and practical for coaches to use in their work with clients. Her neuroscience program for coaches is currently certified by the ICF for continuing coach education units.

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