PRISM Testimonials

"The process of writing up the submission for the PRISM Award was an excellent opportunity for everyone involved to stop and reflect on the journey we had been on. Campbell Canada was focused on evolving the internal culture to align to its vision of Extraordinary Authentic Nourishment for All. The coaching, as part of the Inspired Growth program, resulted in 100% of the senior leaders being able to explore their authentic leadership as it tied to the vision. Receiving the PRISM Award provided an excellent opportunity to reflect and celebrate within the organization and as a coach.” Nick Evans, PCC.

"Winning a PRISM Award with my client, Tribute Communities, was definitely a peak moment in my coaching career. This prestigious award was a wonderful acknowledgment of the great work we did together. As for my client, they felt a tremendous amount of pride in being recognized with the award. The standard of excellence associated with PRISM reflected back positively to their brand and their own commitment to excellence. An all around win for all. To this day I still proudly convey that I am a PRISM Award winner.” Eileen Chadnick, PCC, ACPC, Big Cheese Coaching (, and frequent Coach Expert contributor to the Globe and Mail.

"A big benefit of nominating a client for the PRISM Award came from the discipline of creating the documentation. It was in the reflecting on the coaching program, figuring out meaningful measures to the client, looking at the outcomes that could be attributed to the coaching that helped the client see how powerful the impact of the coaching program was. It actually reinforced their feeling that the coaching program was a great investment. So the award was an inspiring way to acknowledge something that already felt like a big win. For me, it is truly an honour and a source of pride to say I have been a coach to PRISM Award winners!” Dorothy Greenaway, MCC, PeopleDynamics Learning Group Inc.

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