Pro bono Coaching for Organizations

See below for a description of each initiative sponsored by the ICF Toronto Chapter for 2022

The ICF Toronto Chapter is committed to partnering with organizations to increase awareness of the value of working with professional coaches. We can help you introduce or deepen the reach of coaching within your organization by partnering with you.

We will provide professional coaches to donate their time and expertise for one-on-one or group coaching sessions, providing coaching to organizations that don't normally have access to coaching. Of importance to note, the financial investment (average hourly fee) for an organization would typically range from $120 to $350. However, these services would be pro bono to your organization. 

Frontline Workers

Individual coaching sessions to frontline and healthcare workers

Contact Sophia Tuckett for more information


Support their journey to becoming successful in Canada

Contact Larysa Grant for more information


Coaching support for members of the hospitality industry

Contact Ted Pierni for more information

Leaders in the
Charitable Sector

Support leadership in Charitable

Contact Gisela Smith for more information

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Initiative Descriptions:

Frontline Workers Healthcare

In an effort to give back, this group will provide pro bono coaching sessions to individuals within healthcare. Offering one pro bono coaching session for each individual to experience the power of professional coaching. 


Supporting newcomers on their journey to becoming successful in Canada by facilitating group coaching sessions that focus on topics such as: building community and networking, confidence building for career seekers, stress management and work/life balance, goal setting to achieve a desired outcome, overcome challenges through strengths, adapt to a new culture and environment. 


Offer professional coaching and its benefits to members of the hospitality industry. Our focus will be on small businesses that have served and serve the public during these challenging and changing times. 

Leaders in the Charitable Sector

Supporting leadership in Charitable Organizations through coaching to break down the barriers or challenges they may be facing and generate ideas on how to make lasting social change. We are creating mastermind groups, peer-to-peer mentoring/coaching used to help leaders focus and achieve success with their big ideas and visionary goals that create lasting social change.

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