Leaders of a Charitable Sector

Helping charitable sector leaders achieve success through Mastermind groups

Your role and responsibility:
Support mastermind groups with peer-to-peer mentoring and coaching to help charitable sector leaders achieve success with their big ideas and visionary goals that create lasting social change by:

    • aligning to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • fostering innovation to break through barriers
    • creating awareness of the ICF and how coaching can create lasting social change

Time Commitment:
Committed to three 90-minute sessions over a 90-day journey with their group and willing to be involved in possible follow up. 

Attend a pre-orientation and follow-up meeting during International Coaching Week, May 16 – 22. 

Gisela Smith: gisela.smith@gmail.com

Outcomes for Mastermind Groups:

    • Motivate and inspire coaches to amplifying their impact on social progress
    • Demonstrate that coaching works by building capacity in leaders and organizations
    • Reveal how coaching contributes to prosperity, peace and partnership

Process for Mastermind Groups:

    • Groups organized by common purpose/challenges or social issues that the charities are addressing
    • Target senior charitable sector leaders who have a strong desire to create change despite perceived barriers
    • Groups of eight leaders coached by a minimum of two ICF coaches
    • Host three 90-minute Mastermind sessions held 30 days apart

Volunteer Requirements:

    • ACC, PCC or MCC credentialed
    • Coaches who have completed minimum 60 hours of ICF accredited education are welcome to partner with accredited coaches


    • Five-plus years of relevant leadership and executive coaching experience
    • Relevant team and group coaching experience

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