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 Membership Engagement Jenny Barkan, Director of Membership Engagement
 Overall membership engagement
 Member Meetings Shahab Anari, Director of Monthly Member Meetings
 Business speakers for monthly
 member meetings
 Diversity and Inclusion Shahab Anari, Director of Monthly Member Meetings
 Diversity & inclusion

 Corporate Outreach and
 Annual PRISM Chair

 Alicia Saint, Director, Corporate Outreach and Annual Awards

 Corporate sponsorship, PRISM,
 Outstanding Individual Contributor
 Award, Lifetime Achievement
 Community Outreach

 Gaby Cameto, Co-Lead Community Outreach Committee
 International Coaching Week (ICW)
 Coach Connect, Ignite
 Marketing & Communications
 Itopa SulĂ©, Co-Director, Marketing & Communications
Marketing & Communications

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