Board of Directors of the ICF-Toronto Chapter

The Call for Nominations process is in the fall and the new Board members will take office on March 1. 

Do you know someone who would be an asset to the ICF-Toronto Board? Or perhaps sitting on the Board is something that you have considered for yourself?

There are many individuals who have contributed to the Board over the years. We would suggest you engage in a conversation with them to see where you might fit in. Many would say that they had a passion and interest to add and grow their leadership skills at a Board level, and contribute to the growth of the Chapter. To see our current Board and their bios with contact information, please click HERE.

After a candidate becomes a new ICF-Toronto Board member, their actual portfolio and/or Officer position gets decided along with the new Board at the start of the next fiscal year in March 1..

Here is the timeline for the selection of the 2020-2021 Board of Directors:

 Call for nominations  Wednesday August 18, 2019
 End of call  Monday October 7, 2019
 Interview of applicants  Week of October 28 to November 2, 2019
 Publication of nominees/bios  Monday November 11, 2019
 AGM & Election  Wednesday January 15, 2020
 Board Retreat and On-boarding Saturday January 11, 2020
 New BOD takes office  Sunday March 1, 2020

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Please click HERE for the Board of Directors Overview of Roles and Responsibilities

Board Information Sheet and Nomination Form

Please click HERE for the Board Information Sheet and Nomination Form

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