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Community Events

December 2016

"Community Events" brings you the latest news about upcoming community events including professional development opportunities and upcoming conferences and events brought to you by local coaches and peers.  Please see our Submission Guidelines below.  

Member Submissions

Experienced Coach Hungry for Something Truly New? 21 CCEs
Submitted by: Dorothy Greenaway

Stop Sagging Sales ~ Sell More Now
Submitted by: Christine Boyle

Emotional Freedom Techniques
Submitted by: Nancy Forrester

CLI‘s Science of Mind-Kinetics® in Coaching
Submitted by: John Burr

Leadership Development Mastermind Group
Submitted by: Louise Veres

Effectiveness Means Business: How to Make Your Clients More Effective and Increase Your Value
Submitted by: Sandy Lee

Upcoming Mindfulness Trainings for Professionals
Submitted by: Lorraine Gilks

Submitted by: Cinnie Noble

Bring Your Coaching to the Next Level
Submitted by: Manon Dulude

Book Launch At ADLER: When Mentoring Meets Coaching: Shifting The Stance In Education
Submitted by: Tony Gross

Deeper Conversations Retreat on January 5-6, 2017 in Toronto, Canada
Submitted by: Shahmeen Sadiq

Accredited Virtual Leadership Coach Training Courses with the Forton Group
Submitted by: Cynthia Calluori

Accredited training courses in coach-mentoring & supervision
Submitted by: Cynthia Calluori

Experienced Coach Hungry for Something Truly New?

21 CCEs

Expanding the Coaching Space

Leaders operate in complex contexts, leaders are complex beings and the challenges leaders bring to coaching are beyond complex. You are smart enough to know it is not getting easier and wise enough to know it’s time to expand what’s possible in the leadership coaching conversation.

This program will:

  • Expand your capacity for sense-making: How to think like a leadership coach?
  • Deepen your competencies: How to talk/converse like a leadership coach?
  • Enhance your potential for impact: How to cultivate your own inner space - your presence as a leadership coach to access more of the potential in the coaching space?

Walk away with:

  • several newly formulated FutureSmart™ “big ideas” to help you and your clients make sense of the leadership space
  • new models, practices and tools to help you expand what you do in coaching conversations.

What’s not new?

What many committed coaches crave is the intimacy of an intensely personal and creatively engaging experience.

Expanding the Coaching Space is for people have coach training and experience under their belts and who are ready to hone your craft!

Date: Jan 18-20, 2017 -- Toronto

ICF Members: $1795.00 plus HST if you register before Dec 22, 2016.

Learn more:

Dorothy Greenaway, MCC and Melinda Sinclair, Chartered Business Coach™ and PCC are internationally recognized trailblazers in leadership coaching, coach education, blending decades of leadership coaching with expertise in facilitating exceptional adult learning experiences.

Dorothy Greenaway

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Stop Sagging Sales

Sell More Now

Increase sales ♦ Sell fearlessly ♦ Boost your business

1 hour/week ♦ 4 weeks ♦ $49/week
Live video conference
January session

Learn to overcome selling obstacles and increase your sales

Easy to use tools
Prospect like a Pro
Close more Clients

Christine Boyle is an award-winning sales professional, has her ACC and CPCC as a graduate of CTI and completed the Humanity’s Institute Conscious Business training program. Her approach is distinctive and unique as she blends 20 years business experience with her holistic Reiki training and Aboriginal Healing modalities, fast-tracking clients’ results. or call 1+ 647 274 0033

Christine Boyle, AHP, CPCC, ACC

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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Are you hearing the buzz about EFT/tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques)? It’s an evidence-based technique from the newly emerging field of Energy Psychology, integrating various coaching/therapy modalities from talking, cognitive behavioural strategies, NLP through to positive psychology. EFT gives you and your clients an ‘in the moment’ way to interrupt stress, overwhelm, fear, anger, sadness and other forms of resistance that stop your clients from getting the most out of your coaching wisdom, regardless of whether you’re helping them with health, wealth, relationships, peak performance or career issues. They get faster deeper results and you get a deep sense of satisfaction! Next class is Feb 25-27, 2017. Space fills quickly.

If you’d like to learn more visit my upcoming events page to attend an event or let’s chat.

Nancy Forrester, CEO,
Clinical Member Ontario Society of Psychotherapists MBA, B.Ed., B.Sc.,
Accredited EFT Master Trainer and Trainer of Trainers
Certified Emotional Success Coach

Nancy Forrester

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CLI‘s Science of Mind-Kinetics® in Coaching

CLI’s Whole Brain, Whole Person, Whole Potential
ICF Approved Executive, Business & Life Coach Training

CLI provides you with a depth of coach training that would otherwise take years to obtain through extra trainings or constant upgrades and research. One CLI student explained how their client was delighted with this new approach that was allowing the client to go deeper faster for permanent positive change.

Special - email John directly ( ) and request our presentation: “The Science of Mind-Kinetics® in Coaching”

Benefit from the Art & Science of Assisting Yourselves and Your Clients to:

    • Raise Leadership Competencies with advanced CLI Tools and Skills
    • Think like Einstein! Create brilliant thinkers who use their whole brain for Innovative Problem Solving and Goal Achievement.
    • Shift Subconscious Programming for Permanent Positive Change.
    • Eliminate old limiting beliefs.
    • Anchor new positive beliefs.
    • Uncover Unconstructive Patterns, Habits and Behaviors, and Reverse them Forever.
    • Coach the Whole Person for Personal and Professional Success.
    • Strengthen Relationships and Resolve Conflict by removing Judgment & Blame.
    • Identify and Remove the Biggest Boulders to Success in each area of Life.
    • Measure your client’s ROI
Which of these above benefits would you like to learn more about?
Up to 165 ICF ACSTH (or CCEUs)

Distance Learning Classes Start February 2017
On-Site Classes start in Toronto & Sidney 2017

Call today! 1-866-254-4357 or +1-250-652-5390
Email today!
More info at:

John Burr

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Leadership Development

Mastermind Group

Setting Direction ~ Creating Alignment ~ Maintaining Commitment

Exceptional leaders surround themselves with successful peers who help them become better leaders and accelerate their business results while enhancing their personal well being. Benefit from dedicated time for peer input on your specific key issues and challenges, as well as group learning through professional facilitation and coaching.

Value of Participation

  • Draw upon the experience, support and wisdom of a group of trusted peers
  • Become a better and more effective leader
  • Leverage the experience from others to accomplish your goals faster
  • Obtain space to focus on the big picture
  • Connect with like-minded peers and use peer accountability to drive discipline and commitment

Is this Program Right for You?

This group consists of 6 carefully matched and selected business professionals dedicated to fulfilling both the personal and professional potential of themselves as well as their fellow group members.

If you’re willing to invest in yourself, commit to achieving and exceeding your goals, want to both give and receive help and like the idea of working with others, this group is ideal.

What’s Included

  • 6 monthly group meetings
  • Email support
  • Private online Mastermind forum
  • Professional facilitation
  • Peer accountability and support
  • Time and space to focus on what really matters to you!

Program Details

Day & Time: Tuesdays, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

2017 Dates: Jan 24, Feb 21, March 21, April 18, May 23, June 20

Location: 33 Shepherd Road, Oakville, ON

Your Investment: $749 + HST. Only 6 spots available

For more information or to register, contact: or call 905.466.1903

Louise Veres

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Get it on-demand.

Effectiveness Means Business:
How to Make Your Clients More Effective and Increase Your Value

What is real effectiveness? Leader-managers are berated for the lack of it. Yet their bosses often can’t define it.

Discover the difference between looking effective and demonstrating real effectiveness. In this webinar, you will learn how to help your clients deliver effective results that can make them more confident and successful.

During this presentation, 40+ year veteran coach/consultant Doug Emerson and Head Coach Mary Legakis Engel teach you:

  • The 4 elements of effectiveness you can coach
  • How to help your clients define their measurable outputs and key results
  • How to help your client’s reduce stress and inter-office conflicts
  • How to demonstrate faster ROI to your clients


Sandy Lee

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Upcoming Mindfulness Trainings for Professionals

3P Coaching and Daybreak Training have teamed up to offer a joint certificate mindfulness training program for coaches, therapists, psychologists, and counsellors. If you are looking to create a personal practice or to enhance your delivery of mindfulness-based services, you’ll find this training to be filled with practical and hands-on tips, techniques and materials.

This two-day training will introduce participants to the foundations of mindfulness practices, and supporting research. Participants will learn the personal and professional benefits of creating a mindfulness practice and will explore interesting and unique ways to build mindfulness into their product and service offerings.

After completing the two-day training, participants will:

    • Identify, manage and decrease personal and professional stressors
    • Create the framework for developing or enhancing a personal practice
    • Understand the importance and complexity of incorporating mindfulness skills and techniques that increase physical (body), mental (thoughts) and emotional (feeling) awareness into coaching and counselling
    • Integrate mindfulness skills and techniques into their coaching/ counselling practices
    • Learn and practice coaching skills that enhance mindfulness and improve client success
    • Create tool-box of resources and activities

Toronto Dates:

March 10th & 11th, 2017
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Newfoundland Dates:

May 20th & 21st, 2017
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The total cost is $580 plus HST and includes:

    • A certificate (Mindfulness Practices in Coaching and Counselling)
    • Free Online Course: Breaking The Worry Trance
    • One follow-up consultation session.
    • All materials also provided.

This certificate program has been pre-approved for ICF CCE units (9.77hrs).

For more information and to register, Click here

Lorraine Gilks

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by CINERGY® Coaching

Conflict management coaching is a specialized niche in the fields of coaching and conflict management. It is a one-on-one technique, in which a trained coach assists people to effectively prevent or manage specific disputes and to enhance their conflict management skills.

The outcomes of this workshop are that participants will gain:

  • the theory, principles and methods specific to the CINERGY® model of conflict management coaching;
  • an introduction to and basic working knowledge of conflict management coaching using the CINERGY® model;
  • an understanding of the types of skills required to provide conflict management coaching;
  • experience of the coaching model as a coach, ‘client’ and observer;
  • knowledge of the applications of this technique; and
  • suggested documents and information about the logistics of conflict management coaching.

Schedule for 4 day in-person workshops:

  • January 17-20, 2017 (Ottawa French)
  • March 6-9, 2017 (Ottawa English)

We offer a $100 discount to members of ICF.

For information on training in your workplace and for programs in other locations (or by telephone or webinar), please contact us.

ICF CCEUs are granted to participants who complete this workshop.

For more information and an application, contact CINERGY® Coaching at: Email:; Phone: 416-686-4247; Toll Free: 1-866-335-6466.

Cinnie Noble

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Bring Your Coaching to the Next Level

If you are working toward acquiring or renewing ICF credentials through ACSTH or Portfolio Path, take advantage of Group Mentor Coaching sessions now offered by Manon Dulude Ph.D, PCC, ICF credentialing assessor. New groups forming now for January 2017.

If you prefer one-to-one coaching, Individual Mentoring sessions are scheduled at the pace of the mentee. Your Individual Mentor coaching calls will take an in depth look at your coaching skills and provide detailed and constructive feedback to elevate your coaching and mastery of coaching competencies.

Deepen your service through mastery of the ICF Core Competencies. To learn more and register visit:

Manon Dulude

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Book Launch


When Mentoring Meets Coaching: Shifting The Stance In Education

Kate Sharpe and Jeanie Nishimura

Mentoring is often viewed as an effective approach to minimize the isolation that leaders.

Experience, whether they are new to a position or dealing with new initiatives. Similarly, coaching is seen as an effective means to help people build personal and organizational capacity. What if a formal mentoring program was enhance by the introduction of professional coaching skills. The authors begin this resource with an overview of mentoring and coaching fields of practice and how they can be combined to create a powerful approach. The authors mentor-coaching model guides readers on how to build capacity in others.

January 18, 2017 from 5-7pm at ADLER Professional Graduate School

Register here

Tony Gross

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Deeper Conversations Retreat

Powerfully propel yourself into the next chapter of your life and leadership when you join us for our Deeper Conversations Retreat on January 5-6, 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

This powerful retreat will be facilitated by Shahmeen Sadiq, Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach and Mentor to Human Development Professionals. All are welcome!

We will gather at the Cambridge Suites Hotel on January 5 and 6, 2017 with the intention to pause, gain clarity and get ready for your next chapter. This course is worth 12 ICF Resource CEU's.

Over these two days, you will:

- uncover a sharpened sense of clarity about the vision, goals or objectives of your next chapter

- discover and change limiting patterns or dynamics that stand between you and your vision

- prepare to walk boldly forward into the next steps that will lead you to a year of purposefulness, action and satisfaction; doing so with more ease, grace and effectiveness

Deeper Conversations Retreat

Shahmeen Sadiq

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Accredited Virtual Leadership Coach Training Courses with the Forton Group

Leaders in leadership coach training since 2002, and experts in coaching courses, we deliver the same high quality learning in a virtual format: through teleclasses and webinars.

Join our ‘2017 Cohort’ virtual program facilitators Cynthia Calluori PCC and Cat Williford MCC for…

Ignite leadership coaching. – Starts March 20th, 2017

Discover the Forton leadership coaching model and develop your skills in this highly enjoyable and interactive program.

Certified Leadership Coach – Starts May 1st, 2017

Experience 60 coach-training hours, plus 10 mentor coaching hours and receive all the materials you need to achieve a recognized qualification in executive and leadership coaching.

Progress to independent recognition by the International Coach Federation (ICF) at ‘Associate Certified Coach’ level. Then join our Coach’s Journey module to complete your PCC level training.

Experienced Coach? Take your training to the next level.

... a new perspective on my coaching...'

I really appreciated learning about the leadership coaching model and applying it during the training. It gave me a new perspective on my coaching process. The trainers are great, professional and you feel energized at the end of the training. I recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn about coaching or elevate their practice to a higher level. -Nathalie Filion, PCC

ICF Toronto Chapter discount available!

For more information contact Cynthia Calluori or 416-410-7914 ext.1. Or, visit

Cynthia Calluori

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Accredited training courses in coach-mentoring & supervision

Increasingly demanded by corporations when commissioning coaching services, training in coach-mentoring and supervision is a natural next step for experienced coaches to step up into the mentoring and supervision zone.

The Forton Group is an experienced, ICF accredited, coach-mentoring and coach-supervision training organisation since 2002.

Learn through live virtual teleclasses and webinar events from a leader in coach training. Improve your professionalism and practice.

Pride in professional standards

Raise standards of coaching practice, competences and ethics

  • Enhance personal and professional development
  • Improve coaching and reflective practice skills.
  • Explore typical issues and challenges
  • Focus on executive and leadership coaching

Support others to improve

  • Give better feedback
  • Understand professional boundaries
  • Emotional awareness and resilience

Gain understanding and confidence to deliver coach-supervision services to fellow professionals.

The Coach Mentoring and Supervision Programme is part of the Professional Leadership Coach Training Programme. Earn up to 42 ICF CEU’s or ICF Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH).

Join the Coach Mentoring and Supervision Programme and work with Cynthia Calluori PCC, Cat Williford MCC, Dr. Anthony Draper MCC, international leadership coaches with professional coaching and coach education experience across three ICF ACTP’s. Their shared passion for coaching and individual perspectives provides a unique blend of coach mentoring and supervision knowledge.

ICF Toronto Chapter discount available!

For more information contact Cynthia Calluori or 416-410-7914 ext.1. Or, visit

Cynthia Calluori

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Submission Guidelines

ICF-Toronto Chapter Members and Affiliates (paid the $100 fee):
  • Limited to 1 free submission per month
  • Additional submissions $50/insertion
ICF-Toronto Guests:
  • Small submission (up to 100 words with link to your site):  $100/insertion
  • Large submission (up to 250 words with link to your site):  $150/insertion
Please note:
  • Submissions by ICF-Toronto Members will only be accepted for events they themselves are presenting.  All other events will be deemed to fall under the "Guest" category.
  • All listings are linked to our monthly e-bulletin that is published on the 15th of each month and emailed to all members.
  • Maximum 250 words.
  • Submissions will be sent to in either plain text, HTML or Word doc format.
  • Payment must be received and processed by the deadline in order for the submission to be distributed.
  • Lead time:  All submissions must be received and paid for 8-10 business days before the publish date.
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